"Artemether and lumefantrine"

What is the dose of Comether (Artemether and Lumefantrine)?

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by four different species of Plasmodium. Depending upon the type of Plasmodium, a number of drugs are being used for its treatment. It was estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that 210 million cases of malaria were reported in 2010 and 1.2 million people died in the same year.

Types of Plasmodium:

The Plasmodium that causes malaria are as follows;"Artemether and lumefantrine"

  • P. falciparum
  • P. vivax
  • P. ovale,
  • P. malariae

Dose of Comether:

The dose of Comether (Artemther and Lumefantrine) in adult patients having a body weight greater than 35kg is given below;

Name of drug Dose  Timing (hours) Dose (tablets)

Comether (Artemther and Lumefantrine)

1 0 (initially) 4 tablets
2 After 8 hours 4 tablets
3 After 24 hours 4 tablets
4 After 36 hours 4 tablets
5 After 48 hours 4 tablets
6 After 60 hours 4 tablets
The total dose of Comether is 24 tablets over 60 hours

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Reference: British National Formulary 64th Edition

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