"Volatile oil and fixed oil"

What is the Difference Between Volatile Oil and Fixed Oil?

Volatile oil originates from plants, possess a unique odor or flavor, mainly used in perfumes and flavorings. Following are some major difference between volatile and fixed oil.

"Volatile oil and fixed oil"

Volatile oil Fixed Oil
Also called as an essential oil. Also called as natural non-volatile oil.
Volatile oil can evaporate when placed under room temperature Fixed oils do not evaporate at room temperature
They can be extracted easily by the distillation process They require some specific techniques for extraction.
There is no spot (no permanent stain) left after evaporation Some type of spot (permanent stain) left after evaporation
They are unable to undergo saponification Fixed oils can be easily sponified.
Mixtures of cleoptenes & stearoptenes are termed as volatile oils Esters of higher fatty acids & glycerin are called as fixed oils.
Posses high refractive index Posses low refractive index
These are optically active. These are optically inactive.
Their primary source is leaves,roots,in petals and bark. Their major source is seeds of the plant.
These are optically active. These are optically inactive.


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