Himont was established in 1994 by group of professionals mostly returning form USA after completing their education and several years of experience with multinationals, i.e. Glaxo, Upjohn, Novartis, Aventis, Servier and Rhone Poulenc.

The chairman of the group, Dr. M. Umar is a leading orthopedic Surgeon Professor at a prestigious national university , the Agha Khan"HIMONT PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LTD" Medical Institution. Himont is not owned by a single family, it is was created as an institution. The President & CEO Mr. Intesar Siddiqui, was educated at Columbia University New York worked with Upjohn Company for over twenty-two years both at domestic and international operations, including the USA. The last position he held with UpJohn as a regional Director for the South Asia .

The primary objective of the group was to establish high quality branded generics company, represent multinationals not operating directly in Pakistan and to establish a FDA and European specifications bulk drug plant.

Contact Address:
17-Km, Ferozepur Road, Lahore,Pakistan
Phone: (92-42)5814391-3, 5822710, 5811868
Fax: 92-42-5814394

Website: http://www.himont.com/index.php

List of drugs:

Following is the list of drugs manufactured by HIMONT PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LTD.

Brand name

Generic name

Dosage form

Dosage strength



Vaccal + Ca2+, vit.C,B6,D Tab   Vitamin supplement Vitamin deficiency
Novosef Ceftriaxone-Na IV inj 1gm/ inj Antibiotic Surgical prophylaxis; prophylaxis of meningococcal meningitis
Sefoban Cefotaxime-Na Inj (IM,IV) 0.25 mg/ inj Antibiotic Surgical prophylaxis; prophylaxis of meningococcal meningitis
Enervit Vit.B,C & lysine Drops 20 ml Megavitamins Vitamin deficiency
Enervit Vit.B,C & lysine Tab   Megavitamins Vitamin deficiency
Ferplex Iron protein succinylate Syrup 800+40 mg Iron syrup Iron deficiency
Red rose Iron-III hydroxide

Polymaltose complex

Syrup 10 mg/1 ml Iron syrup Iron deficiency
Clamont Clarithromycin Oral susp. 125mg/5ml Antibiotic RTIs, mild to moderate skin and soft tissue infections, otitis media; Helicobacter pylori eradication
Clamont Clarithromycin Tab 250, 500 mg Antibiotic RTIs, mild to moderate skin and soft tissue infections, otitis media; Helicobacter pylori eradication
Pamaryl glimepiride Tab 1mg Antidiabetic For type II diabetes
Montelair Montelukast Na Tab 5 mg Bronchodilator Asthma
Eglocard Simvastatin Tab 10 mg HMG CoA inhibitor Hyperlipidimea
Eglocard-S Simvastatin


Tab 20+10 mg HMG CoA inhibitor Hyperlipidimea
Klofix Omeprazole Cap 20 mg Antiulcer Peptic ulcer, GERD
Hiace Ramipril Tab 1.25 mg ACE inhibitor Hypertension
Cardil Enalapril Tab 5 mg CVS Hypertension, heart failure
Ferplex Iron, folic acid Chew tab 100 mg Iron tablet Iron deficiency
Ferplex- SS Iron, sucrose   100 mg/5ml Iron tablet Iron deficiency
Hicobal Mecobalamin Chew tab 500 mcg CNS Peripheral neuropathies
Hicobal Mecobalamin Inj 500 mcg CNS Peripheral neuropathies
Spasfon Phloroglucinol

Trimethyl- phloriglucinol

Inj 40+0.04 mg Antispasmodic GIT problems
Fomicid Famotidine Chew tab 20, 40 mg Antacid For peptic ulcer hyperacidity
Olgon Flurbiprofen Tab 100 mg NSAID’s Orodental pain, RA
Ibucin Lincomycin HCl Cap 500 mg Antibiotic  
Oragesic Flurbiprofen Tab 100 mg NSAID’s Rheumatoid arthritis
Imazole Clotrimazole Vaginal tab 0.5 mg Antifungal Fungal skin infections; vaginal candidiasis; otitis externa
Gliatilin Choline alfoscerate Cap (soft gel) 400 mg   chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, dementia
Leradip Lercanidipine HCl Tab 10 mg CVS For blood pressure control
Jamicid Gemifloxacin mesylate Tab 320 mg Antibiotic Chronic bronchitis, community acquired pneumonia
Hiflucan Fluconazole Cap 150 mg Antifunfal Superfacial fungal infection
Narcogen Namesulide Tab 100  mg NSAID’s Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic
Niquil Bromazepam Tab 3 mg CNS Emotional disturbance, acute tension, anxiety, insomnia, agitation, depressive reaction
Cardiosil Amlodipine besylate Tab 5 mg CVS For hypertension and angina
Hilaxin Alprazolam Tab 0.25 mg CNS For anxiety and depression
Orcid Ciprofloxacin Tab 250 mg Antibiotic Chronic prostatitis, Gonorrhoea, RTIs and UTIs
zostat Losartan K Tab 50 mg ARB For hypertension

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